Molly MaloneOffice Manager

    I am honored to be a part of the Elite Spine and Sports team.  I have a degree in molecular biology and my background is in neuroscience research, so joining the clinic as office manager was quite a shift in gears for me career wise.  However, I was so impressed with Dr. Williams’ methodology and the overall compassion and dedication to patient care provided by all of the practitioners at the clinic that I was won over, and am grateful to get to work alongside them.   When clients come in the door, whether they are new to the clinic or long time patrons, both front desk staff and practitioners are very attentive to their needs.  Client health and overall well being is valued above everything at Elite Spine and Sports, and it shows.

    In my free time I’m a mom and stepmom to 6(!) amazing kids, ranging in age from 25 to 7. My kids are involved in sports, and much of my time is spent watching softball games, etc.  When I’m not working or being a mama bear, I enjoy being active.  I run, strength train, and have recently started playing roller derby with Portland’s Rose City Rollers recreational team the Wreckers.