Running Injury Prevention: Part 3 – Mobility Routine

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This is my personal mobility routine. It’s tailored to help prevent lower leg problems because, for me, it’s my biggest weak spot.

When I’m developing a mobility routine for myself or others I focus on four areas:

  1. muscle/fascial compression
  2. eccentric loading
  3. dynamic stretching
  4. isolated static stretching

Pre-run routine:

  1. Foam roll calves– apply downward pressure for 15-20 seconds to tender areas
  2. Hip/glutes mobilization with a lacrosse ball– apply pressure for 15-20 seconds to tender areas
  3. Eccentric calf dips– stand halfway on a step and slowly lower your heels toward the ground over the course of 5-6 seconds; repeat 10-12 times
  4. Dynamic stretching– swing one leg forward and backward until a slight stretch is felt, 10-12x; repeat movement by swinging one leg side to side 10-12x

Post-run routine:

  1. Static stretching– stretch quads, calves and hamstrings for 45-60 seconds

Mobility is a vital piece to running injury free. Check out the video below for a demonstration. If you need help creating a unique mobility routine come in and we’ll get you set up!