Dr. Sara Love, NDNaturopathic Doctor

    Sara Love, ND, is an experienced naturopathic physician taking care of patients in Beaverton and Sherwood, Oregon.

    Dr. Love became a naturopathic physician because she was interested in a being a doctor with training focused on natural methods of chronic disease management in addition to a goal of prevention of disease through lifestyle medicine. She also appreciated that in naturopathic medicine there are so many “tools” in the toolkit such as therapeutic injections, nutrition, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, and more that allow her to provide a more holistic manner of treating the whole body instead of providing symptom management. These modalities have the power to help treat multiple conditions including diabetes, adrenal fatigue, acne, pain, hypertension, and digestive problems.

    Dr. Love provides comprehensive care for the whole family including ordering labs, imaging, and prescribing medications, when indicated, for both acute care needs as well as chronic disease management.